Our Post-Quarantine Reopening Plan


On July 1st, Pennsylvania mandated that masks be worn inside businesses, by both employees and customers. Since Delaware County is in the “Green Phase” of Pennsylvania’s post-COVID19 reopening plan, we are also limited to 50% capacity for live classes. Live-streaming equipment takes up space in the studio, further limiting our capacity. As we do not think it's practical to practice (or to teach) yoga wearing a mask, we will only live-stream live classes from the studio for now. We will most likely resume live, in-studio classes when all pandemic restrictions are lifted.

Pandemic Yogi

Live Studio Classes

Please carefully read the following before registering for, and attending, a LIVE studio class.

Live Streaming and Recording

We'll resume in-studio classes after the 4th of July holiday weekend. We'll live-stream studio classes online, unless otherwise noted, so that if you are unable to reserve a spot in a studio class, you can join the live-streamed class. We will then add the recording of the live-streamed classes to our online video-on-demand yoga class library at Sarva Yoga Online (more on that below).

The camera will focus primarily on the yoga teacher, and take in only part of the studio, but some or all of your practice may be included in the recording. Please consider this before you register for a live studio class. Registration for a live class will be an acknowledgment and release for streaming and recording the class. Please understand that this is necessary for us to function at the 50% capacity restriction of the Green Phase.

50% Capacity

Our pre-COVID19 functional capacity was 18 yogis and the teacher (19 people). In the Green Phase, our capacity is limited to 9 yogis (50%), “by appointment only” (online reservations required). No drop-ins will be allowed.

This limitation will challenge our ability to remain in business. No-shows will deny others a spot in class. We have never deducted no-shows from class passes; we can no longer maintain that policy. No-shows will now be deducted from class passes (more details below).

Classes will be listed on our schedule twice – as a live studio class, and as an online live-streaming class. The schedule will display remaining spots available. You will be able to register for both, but please take note of our new requirements for canceling your studio reservation (below). No-shows take up a spot that someone else could have used, and they will affect us financially.

Reservations, Cancellations, and No-Shows

  • No drop-ins will be allowed at the studio.
  • Please purchase a class pass online, prior to coming to the studio. We will not handle financial transactions at the studio until further notice.
  • The class schedule will now display the number of spaces available in each class.
  • You must reserve your place in a live studio class at least one hour before class starts.
  • If the live studio class is full, you can register for a wait list for that class. You can also register for the live-stream class. If someone else cancels their live reservation, you’ll be notified by email (and text, if we have your mobile number), and have the opportunity to attend the live class. This will only happen up until an hour before class starts. If you join the live class, please cancel your reservation for the live-stream class.
  • Class reservations must be canceled at least an hour prior to class start. You will be unable to cancel your live studio class reservation within an hour of class start.
  • If you no-show (or fail to cancel your reservation an hour prior to class start), the class will be deducted from your class pass.
  • We will not be able to cancel your reservation for you. The preparation required to live-stream a class will not allow us time to do so.
  • If a Monthly Pass holder no-shows two in-studio classes, they will only be able to register for live-stream classes for the remainder of the capacity restriction period.

Studio Etiquette

We must add the following to our standard yoga etiquette guidelines:

  • Please wear a mask into the studio, and in the studio at all times when you are not actively practicing. Put the mask back on when savasana ends.
  • Your temperature will be taken at the door. If you have a fever (> 100°), you cannot attend the class.
  • If you have any other symptoms of COVID-19, please join the live-streamed class.
  • Come to class dressed for practice, in yoga attire. You will not be able to change in the restroom.
  • Bring only what you need to practice:
    • yoga mat (we will not provide "loaner" mats for public health reasons)
    • personal water bottle
    • towel
    • props (blocks, straps, etc)
  • Leave what you don’t need in your car or at home:
    • mobile device
    • bag, purse, or backpack
    • wallet
    • anything else you do not directly need for your practice
  • Please disinfect your mat before and after each practice. We will have disinfectant at the studio, but please don’t rely on that. We will have mat cleaner for sale, and we strongly recommend that you get your own, and use it generously.
  • Please do not forget to take your mat (and other belongings) with you when you leave. We will not be able to hold mats or personal items in the studio for you. For public health reasons, we will have to discard them.
  • If you use our blocks, you must disinfect them before and after class. We sell yoga blocks if you’d like to purchase your own; we strongly recommend acquiring your own props.

Note: We have always “early cancelled” no-shows so that yogis would not be charged for the class. We can no longer do this. We will “late-cancel” your reservation to show that you were not in class (to comply with COVID-19 contact-tracing requirements), and the class will be deducted from your class pass. Please understand that someone else was probably denied the spot you failed to cancel.

Class Passes and Pricing

  • Drop-in passes will only cover online, live-streamed classes until further notice.
  • Class pass pricing remains the same.
  • All class passes, including monthly and introductory passes, will cover in-studio and live-streamed classes equally.
  • We cannot guarantee a spot in the classes you want to attend during COVID-19 capacity restrictions. If a space is not available, please register for the live-stream class.
  • Please purchase your class pass online before you come to the studio.
  • We will not do financial transactions at the studio until further notice.

Live-Streamed Classes (how to register and join)

Live-streamed classes are live broadcasts of physical studio classes, and will be listed on the schedule concurrent with the studio classes. Class capacities are displayed, so you’ll know if there are spots available in the studio. We may occasionally hold live-stream-only classes, and they’ll be noted as such.

Livestreaming Online Classes:

  • Register for class on the schedule page. If you don’t have a MindBody account, you'll be prompted to create one.
  • Registration ends 15 minutes before class starts.
  • About 5-10 minutes before class starts, you'll receive an email link to join the class. Please make sure we have your correct email address.
  • Class will be a live video feed. You will not be visible to the teacher or other yogis, and your microphone will not be connected.
  • Classes are streamed through Vimeo. You can use any web browser. You may want to create a free Vimeo account, but that's not necessary. Just click on the link in your email to connect.
  • If the live stream fails, we'll cancel the class in MindBody so no one is charged for the class. Feel free to resort to a pre-recorded class if that happens. We've learned a lot, though, so that should be less of an issue than it has been.

All live-streamed classes will be recorded and added to our video-on-demand yoga class library. Separate class passes will be available at Sarva Yoga Online for video-on-demand classes, at a lower rate than live studio class passes.

If you prefer, we will credit the value of your current studio pass toward a video-on-demand pass at Sarva Yoga Online.

We appreciate all of you who have joined us over the years, and we miss practicing with you in person. We look forward to the day we can do that again. We appreciate you sticking with us through this time.

Many of you have asked how you can support the studio through the COVID-19 shutdown. We deeply appreciate that intention. The best way to support would be to join our live-stream classes whenever you can. You could also, if you are inclined and able, purchase gift cards for future use at the studio. That could help to spread the financial impact over a longer period, and you'd still get the value of your purchase. We are grateful for the support of so many of our fellow yogis.

Thank you for your patience, support, and understanding. We hope to be back to practicing in person with you soon. Until then, we'll see you online. We wish you good health, much happiness, and peace. Namasté.

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Getting Through This (Together)

Please contact us if you're out of work and struggling to get through, and we will do what we need to do to make yoga accessible to you. We want yoga to be part of your support structure. Please be assured of strict confidence.

Yoga is one of the most effective ways to help manage the stresses of this pandemic. Finances are one of the most challenging of those stresses.

Our founding intention is to make yoga accessible to as many people as possible, including those who wouldn't otherwise consider yoga. In keeping with that intention, we will work with anyone who has not been able to continue their practice because of the shutdown's financial impact. We don't want to allow the financial impact to stop us from teaching, or you from practicing.

We look forward to getting back to studio classes and practicing with all of you in person. In the meantime, let's do everything we can to get there as one.